July 15 – 17, 2021

This is Truvy™’s annual event that focus’ on Associate training, business tips, and the up and coming future of Truvy™. Launch your business into overdrive.

1- What Truvy is all about by Dave Brown

2- My Truvy Experience by Tiffany Zambrana

3- My Truvy Experience by Courtney Campbell

4- Meghan See Q&A

5- My Truvy Experience by Heather Allen

6- Products by Dave Brown

7- Lifestyle of Fitnessby Scott Lamb

8- Fitness as a Lifestyle by Keva Tolvo

9- Fitness Panel by Truvy

10- Why Rebrand - Field Perspective by Kaylee Siber

12- Personal Branding Q&A

13- Leadership by Shawn Gibson

14- Business Building by Derrick Raynes

15- Business Building Panel by Truvy

16- Business Building by Alli Carlson

17- Team Building by Tonya Evans

18- Team Recognition by Teresa Sobeck

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